Let Hauser LEED the way...

Hauser's number one resource is our shared planet earth. Manufacturing materials are drawn from it, and the planet selflessly rewards us with fresh air, water and basic human sustenance. With a heritage in patio furniture, Hauser's business success relies on the planet's health - it always has. This includes the health of those enjoying a cleaner outdoors and those who contribute to the manufacturing of our products. While enjoying it every day, we are thankful for a renewed global enthusiasm towards improving the planet's health.

In keeping with our commitment, Hauser can assist you in acquiring LEED credits. Hauser products, through their very nature, can contribute towards credits for alternative transportation bicycle racks, credits for renewable resources material specifications, recyclable or post consumer content, and minimized transportation of raw materials.

Additionally, Hauser product is designed to last and is easily maintained with replaceable modular components.  Manufactured using VOC-free and other non-hazardous materials, and with attention to minimal waste production,

Hauser squeezes the maximum utility out of our raw materials. Ask about how specifying with Hauser can help you qualify for LEED credits.

Environmental Policy

Hauser has built a legacy on casual outdoor living. In doing so, we have always been cognizant of our shared planet’s biosphere. Hauser is one of the first companies to promote large scale recycling programs to public facilities.

We have always maintained a zero waste management strategy: What is not used or re-used through the manufacturing process is recycled adhering to Hauser’s strict environmental mandate.

Hauser’s Canadian manufacturing facilities utilize powder coat technology and hot melt glues which both emit zero VOC’s. The powder coat finishing process contains and reuses all powder coat overspray.  All Hauser finishes are 100% VOC free.

Hauser has traditionally been a metal fabricating company

– all of our metal products contain a minimum of 60-100% recycled material.

Hauser is a Canadian manufacturer, and as such, we are happy to follow or exceed the more stringent Canadian environmental policy. Typically and whenever possible, we source all raw materials from local suppliers.

Hauser utilizes only sustained growth paper for all printed literature and requires a minimum default of 20% recycled content in all other acid free paperstocks. All of our paper office waste is recycled.