Architect/Designer: Gensler
Developer: Rockhill Management. LLC
Location: High Street Place - Food Hall, Boston, United States

High Street Place dates back to 1930, where the current indoor atrium space was once a road named High Street Place. 160 Federal Street was originally built for the United Shoe Machinery Corporation headquarters and became Boston’s first skyscraper. Now it has been utilized into a unique outdoor and indoor dining experience, Food Hall. Hauser Contract partnered with Rockhill Management LLC, Developer and Gensler, Architect & Designer on the High Street Place, Food Hall project to provide a unique indoor seating experience to this beautiful dining space. Vasil Dining Chairs, Chic Upholstered Barstools, Monocle Side Chair & Bar Stools, Backless Barstools, and Jersey Side Chairs; provide endless comfort for visitors to dine-in as they enjoy the high ceilings and natural light that flows into this extravagant hall with numerous options for foodies to choose from.